Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Bike Trailer, Brunch, & Farmer's Market - October 6, 2013

Brandon has been riding his bike to and from work (so love that we live close enough to downtown to do this) and has invested in some bike gear to be more safe (extra lights and mirrors) and convenient. In addition, we got a bike trailer so we could ride around with the kids. In our neighborhood, we always see people riding their bikes around and we wanted to be able to bring the kids around too. And we didn't even have to do too much research on what to buy because an old friend of mine had posted about the bike trailer that she got on her blog and told me about all the research she had done so we ended up getting the same one that she got.

Lucy is always up for a new adventure.

Brandon rode with Lucy to the farmer's market and I ended up driving with Grey afterward since he wasn't quite big enough to put in the bike trailer and we knew we would have produce from the farmer's market and I also didn't have a bike of my own at the time.

After farmer's market, we headed to Park Cafe for brunch.

All the yummies from farmer's market.

Pre-K Reading Day - October 3, 2013

One of the first activities of the years that parents were invited to was the Pre-K Reading day. I can't remember the book they read - maybe Otis? And obviously, they made some type of crowns? Maybe once I catch up on my blog, I can write a more substantial description. For now, we'll just have to rely on the pictures.

Brother & Sister - September 30, 2013

Daichi's 1st Birthday Party - September 28, 2013

Last birthday party in September was for my cousin Megumi's son, Daichi's first birthday. We headed down to their spacious home in Orem to enjoy the festivities.

Megumi is super crafty and really knows how to throw a party.

She made her own pinata!

I loved how Megumi made vinyl hiragana words on appliances for her kids to be able to read Japanese.

Marlo's 6th Birthday Party - September 21, 2013

There always seemed to be something new to look forward to in September each week with the start of school and birthday celebrations. Marlo's birthday was no exception and was eagerly anticipated. Kim definitely knows how to put on a good party.

What a spread!

Lucy got to meet lots of Marlo's other friends from school and church.

Auntie Heidi was there to help out with the fun activity - jewelry making with beads.

And of course, no party is complete without a pinata.

After the party ended, the fun didn't end! We headed up to Snowbird ski resort for more fun. The kids rode the tram up the mountain and although the weather was gorgeous in the valley, we forgot how much cooler it would be up in the mountains.

It was very chilly at the top of the mountain so we wrapped carseat covers to keep the little warm. Fortunately, I had a little oven strapped to my chest.

Nursing cover super hero capes!

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